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About me

I am Anne, mother of two boys (6 and 10 years) and married to my French guy. And I am the founder of Work'n'Kid. After long years of hard work in the fields of event and project management in some well-known agencies, I came to a point in my life where I wanted to make New Work and Agility more than just marketing buzzwords.


After some struggle to implement changes inside the agency structure, I finally quit my save job. This is when my idea was born and started growing into a concept...


Work'n'Kid was founded in 2019 based on my own long journey. Now I am a proud mom and mompreneur at the same time.


With Work’n’Kid I have created a place, where family life and business matters can smoothly be combined into a more flexible but still professional model. You do not need to choose between job and family needs anymore.

At Work'n'Kid you can book the packages that fit best to YOUR needs. Fixed or flexible. With or without your child.


Work'n'Kid is the first such place in Berlin-Friedrichshain and part of the creative co-working family in Berlin. Be part of it by becoming a member of our vivid community now!

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