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The Concept

So what does our concept of Work'n'Kid stand for?

Our concept combines your job and your childcare, creating a win-win-situation for all involved: parents, children, friends and enterprises.


Our overarching concept is that of creating what we call a Work-Child-Balance.


This includes many topics that are important to us, such as the following:

Reconciliation of work and family life


We support parents in different stages of their lives and work models, be it New Work, Remote Work or simply being under-challenged during maternity leave.

Individuality and Flexibility 

We have space for your individual needs, be it silence or exchange with others – almost anything goes. Our tariffs also reflect this flexibility: Come whenever and as often as you like and still have the benefit of high planning security.


Childrens’ education


We roughly follow the Montessori and the situational approach, but even more we orient ourselves on the personal experiences of our childminders as well as the needs of the children. Our experienced childminders take good care of the children near their working parents and promote their development in an age-based manner.


Parents of all backgrounds are working at our space and you are part of it. Since cooperation and exchange are an asset to us all, we are very much looking forward to you working at our space. We provide you a wide range of community events on a regular basis and are more than happy for you to contribute any event ideas of your own.

Kindred spirits and Community  

We support mothers and fathers alike and are oriented on modern role-models. At our space you will find like-minded people with different jobs and backgrounds who are more than “just parents”. 


We are a cosmopolitan space, just as our members are.


Yes, that too! In our co-working space, parents can work in a professional environment which allows them to concentrate on their work. For our Premium and All-In-members, we offer extended opening hours upon consultation, in case of any tight deadlines.

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