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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who do I meet at "Work'n'Kid"?

With us you will mainly – but not only – meet parents. These are freelancers, self-employed, founders, employees or some are still on parental leave. It doesn't matter to us what industry you come from. But we do assume that you are open about coworking with children. We offer you a professional working atmosphere and inspiring networking opportunities. And if necessary, your child will be cared for next door.

How is the equipment in the "Work'n'Kid"?

You have the choice between a desk with an office chair or a regular chair in the back. You can access our internet via  WLAN.

How is the children's area equipped?

We have a playroom with age appropriate toys.

Internet and printing?

Yes, we have both internet and a printer where our members can print at normal volume.

Are there drinks and food?

You get coffee, water and tea from us and you can use the kitchen for self-sufficiency.

For your children please bring what they like and need.

Which tariffs can I book?

We have fixed and flexible rates to meet different needs. Furthermore, we distinguish between pure coworking and permanent coworking with childcare. We would be happy to put together your individual package, where you can save even more. You can choose what suits you.

Childcare can be booked between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Come by for an interview or a rehearsal and we will show and explain everything to you.

Can I also log in on a daily basis?

We have a membership where you can book hourly and daily passes. Various other time models for combining are also possible.



How do I book?


The easiest way is via an employee on site or by request via this website. Some services and products can be selected here at any time and used from the desired start date.

After booking you will receive a confirmation and invoice. Very easily.
Please note that booking packages are prepaid.


Do I have to reserve?

Pure coworking not necessarily.

The combination packages must be reserved in order to be guaranteed a place in childcare. However, we are happy to try to accommodate spontaneous guests - but then unfortunately without a guarantee for the children's place.

Do I have to become a member?

Membership is intended because we handle payments and booking via an online tool. We conclude non-binding memberships that can be canceled at any time and can be upgraded or downgraded.

When booking individual days or individual courses, membership is not required.

Can I share my workplace with my partner?

The child's parents or other close relatives can share a seat. We call the parent ticket.

Do you have FIX and FLEX desks?

Everyone can choose their place with us according to their mood of the day. Mixture stimulates the exchange among each other. If you are a creature of habit, we will be happy to find a solution for you.

may i make phone calls

Of course, but please be considerate of others and keep the length to a minimum.

How does it work with the children in everyday life?

The parents arrive with their children at the booked time in peace and save themselves the previous trip to the daycare center. The bellies are full, the diapers are empty and the reception is very relaxed. While the children are greeted by the supervisors, the parents are almost sitting at the desk next door. At the end of the care period, the parents pick up the children and go home together.

At lunchtime, a quick meal can also be heated up in the kitchen area and given to the children. Parents are also welcome to leave small snacks or bottles in the children's cloakroom if the little tummies are already showing up in between. Then the carers don't have to interrupt the parents at work.

If a child needs to be close to mum or dad, the carers will let the parents know and the parents will come to the children's area where they can meet their child. Other common breaks are by arrangement with the supervisorInally possible, but should not disturb the group.

Please bear in mind that children sometimes have bad days and that things will not always go perfectly, which we should understand.

Do I have to stay on site or can I also attend external appointments?

Due to the special situation, the parent present must always be close to the child, i.e. at least reachable by phone and be able to be present within 10 minutes. Parents are responsible for supervision and liability.


Can I deduct coworking or even childcare from my taxes?

Yes. You will automatically receive an invoice from us. This contains all the important information to claim the costs. In certain cases, the youth welfare office also bears the costs directly. We help you with the how. And be sure to ask your employer whether it is possible to cover the costs.


Do you have events?

Yes, we organize and host small events.

But you are also welcome to hold a course or lecture with us. Simply contact us for this.


Can I also rent the rooms for my own events?

This is possible on weekends. Children's birthday parties are popular. Members get discounts. Here, too, simply contact us and we will see how we can implement your ideas and wishes.


How do I get to "Work'n'Kid"?

The Work'n'Kid is a 2-minute walk from the Samariterstrasse underground station (south), 8 minutes from the Frankfurter Tor underground/tram station (south-west) and 9 minutes from the Frankfurter Allee underground/city rail station (east). removed.
From here you can reach any place in Berlin very quickly, for example you can be at Alexanderplatz in 10 minutes with the U5.

What are the opening times?

The coworking area is available to you Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. A contact person will be on site until 4:00 p.m.

The children's area (Wed and Fri) closes at 5:30 p.m.

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