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Experience your personal work-child-balance

Coworking with Childcare



Work’n'Kid stands for providing a relaxed and family-friendly space for you, which allows you to work in a professional manner and to book professional child care at the same time, if required.

Our aim is to promote New Work and to provide a work-life balance, 

which we call work-child-balance as our concept.


Work’n'Kid provides you with the environment and time needed for both your project and your child.



You can choose from different options to meet your personal needs.


(optional with child)

I am looking for a co-working space and will occasionally bring along my child.



I am looking for reliable and flexible childcare, possibly with coworking at the same time.

Room Rental, Classes and Events

I am looking for a meeting space or would like to attend an event or book a sesseion.



Flex desk
(Wed + Fri:  12 -17 hrs)



Kitchen facilities incl. coffee, tea, water, basic cleaning service

Power plug, WLAN,


Professional Childcare

(Wed + Fri:  12 -17 hrs)

Event and Meetings

Location 2019-2022

Right now we have 3 spots for childcare and 5 co-working spots available.


The childcare spots should be blocked in advance (first come, first serve).

Co-working and childcare costs are tax-deductable.

Additionally, childcare costs may be reimbursed by the Jugendamt or employer, if a KITA space is lacking.



Membership / Usage

It is our mission to meet the needs of parents to find a better work-family balance. Whether you are employed or self-employed, mother or father, on maternity leave or not – at our space everyone finds the time and space to complete his or her tasks, develop new ideas or just to free their mind and to network in an uncomplicated and pleasant environment.


We are the perfect fit for​

  • Parents who want to live a true work-child-balance

  • Self-employed people, freelancers, expats or employees working from home or during maternity leave

  • Parents who want to work in a concentrated manner and still want to be close to their kids.

  • Parents looking for a more flexible approach to meet their needs.

  • Parents looking for loving childcare for their young children.

  • Parents interested in networking opportunities and looking for exchange with like-minded people.

  • Parents with KITA-kids to cover during KITA closing times.

  • Parents who have not found a space at a KITA but need or wish to get back to work. 


Become a member of the Work'n'Kid community for free and benefit from a strong collective.


We are looking forward to meeting you!


Our temporary space

(since 2023)

(Click on the pictures for more information about the temporary location)

How you find us

You find us in the middle of the family friendly Samariter district of Friedrichshain. Easy to reach via public transport, by foot or by bike.


Opening Hours



Contact and Trial Session

Here you can place any questions you may have regarding Work'n'Kid that we haven’t answered already in our FAQ section. This also includes any questions regarding your booking or if you would like to book a trial session.


We get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your message!


If you would like to receive more information on current developments, actions and events, don’t miss to register for our newsletter.

You can object to receiving the newsletter at any time.


We currently cooperate with the non-profit organization

MiKi (Mit Kindern e.V.) and are open for further partnerships within the district of Friedrichshain or beyond.

We also work together with some co-working platforms.

You will also receive a discount from some of our carefully selected partners.



An Ethical Nanny Agency


Interested person are welcome to ask us questions about our work and specifically about coworking with childcare.

We are currently working in the background to ensure that "flexible childcare close to work" comes into the public funding structure and are always looking for supporters.

With our key points we also have created a clear position paper.

If you would like to support this voluntary work, you are welcome to leave us a donation.


You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our events and news.

It would be best if you also subscribe to the newsletter.

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